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Welcome to kawyer, one of a very few Kate/Sawyer communities on Livejournal. This is a community dedicated to pairing of well, Kate and Sawyer, on ABC's new hit series Lost. Feel free to chat about episodes, post fanfiction, fanart, graphics, ANYTHING that has something to with Kate and Sawyer.

Now, as any structured community, we have a few rules. I know, I know. So lame.

*If you don't like Kate/Sawyer, then don't join. Don't waste your time, not to mention ours.
*No flaming other members. I'm not sure what you'd find to argue about here, but still, don't.
*When posting a fanfic or several graphics, please put it in a lj-cut.
*When posting a fanfic, please give it a proper rating (G, PG, PG-13, or R), and if it is PG-13 or above, please state why. Also, warn about any spoilers, and what pairings are in your fic. It MUST contain Kate/Sawyer, if only a small bit.


This community is in no way affiliated with ABC, Lost, or any of it's creators or actors.

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